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Hello and welcome to my “15 Week to Change” Program.  

The goal of this program is to get you from where you are right at this moment, and over the course of 15 weeks, change your life and get you closer to reaching your fitness goals.  I am not promising miracles on this program, nor am I promising that you will get through the whole thing (that’s on you) but what I can promise is that if you complete the program in the way that it is written, you will not only look better, you will feel better, be stronger, and have a better understanding of working out and how your body responds to it.  


The knowledge and experience gained from this program will guide you even farther along your health and fitness journey and a few things before we go in depth to this program.  

As I mentioned before this is not going to be a miracle program.  There is no such thing as those.  There are no shortcuts to success and there are no other options than to work your ass off.  


It is up to you to decide if really changing your life and taking control of where you are headed is worth the hard work.  The fitness industry is full of gimmicks and fads that are there to distract you and rob you of your time and money.  The “15 Weeks to Change” program will be a beneficial building block to developing your current self into the person you want to become.   


Fair warning about this program and about life in general.  If you are prone to getting “bored” or “tired” of a program because it doesn’t change every single day, then you have a long rode of mediocre results ahead of you and you will not enjoy this program much. Consistent increases in stimulus OVER TIME on our bodies produces change.  If we do not challenge ourselves week in and week out, with increasing loads, we will never grow.  It can be “boring” but it is exactly what you need to change yourself.  Hell, if you have not found results doing things your way, it may be time for you to try it this way.  

Phase 1: Hypertrophy

Deload Week

Phase 2: Strength Building

Any Questions about programming of if you are interested in taking your training to the next level Email me at



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