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Hi Sam Brown here.  I am not  just another Strength Coach or Personal Trainer.  I am focused on setting you up on the path of not only hitting your goals, but also setting you up for lifelong success.  I believe that changing your life involves getting your entire body, mind, and soul on the same page.  Without the mind, the body will fail.  That is why I have developed a multifaceted approach to behavior change that will get you the results you deserve!

Click below to begin your road to strength of body and mind.

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The Full Body Connection:

My Beliefs

Weight loss and gaining muscle is a simple enough idea.  Difficulty arises when you do not take the time to realize that everything we do is connected.  Your body, your mood, your thoughts, and your energy are all connected.  You cannot reach your goals unless you have all parts of your machine lined up and on the same page.  I commit myself to not only helping you reach your strength, nutrition, and weight loss goals, but also work with your life, your schedule, your interests, and your limitations in order to push you beyond what you ever thought was possible.  I believe in lifelong success andI can get you there!

Build Strength and Muscle

Gain Important Nutrition Insight


Athlete and Sport Specific Training

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