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Motivation Monday! Get your Ass in Gear!

Are you sick of your job? Are you tired of dealing with the boring and lifeless existence you have? Do you have a small glimmer of hope in your mind when you go to sleep at night knowing that something better is out there for you?

You are right.

There is.

The only thing standing in your way is you.

You and that self-doubt and fear that you put into your own heart and mind. That feeling of being powerless to change your life and the situation you have been dealt.

Though if you are looking for a sign or permission to do the thing you want to do, THIS IS IT, and I am your guy.

I hereby grant you the permission to change by the power invested in my by the state of TeH INt3RwebZ.

That was pretty easy right? Now go and do it.

What is the holdup now? You are scared? You don't know how to start? You don't think you have the money you need or the guidance needed to begin your journey?

I have the simple advice for you to get over that initial hump.

Just do it.

Don't have the money? Earn it. Don't have direction? Find it. Dont have the balls to start? Grow them.

You see, if you really wanted this goal of yours, and if you really wanted to change your life, you would do everything in your power to get it. Take on any task and fight your way through the fear of the unknown. You see that fear you have in your chest, that pressure that builds and almost suffocates you when it approaches time for action, is exactly what you need. That feeling is your body resisting change. The body that is more comfortable in your current situation. The body that would rather slowly wither in comfort, than truly live in the fires of your happiness. You are in control of your body, and you tell it what to do. Start being the damn boss for once.

Nothing that is worth it in life is going to come easy. The unknown is a scary place. It is the demon that we all have in our minds that tricks us into never reaching our highest potential. You see the only way to beat that feeling, and to ascend the weakness we have today is to face that feeling head on. You need to be able to step right up to "that thing" that scares you and fight. Understanding that you may fail a few times or a few hundred times before you find success. But by putting in the hours and days of effort of trying to understand what it takes to succeed, you will find success. You will find your way through to the next challenge in life, and you will look back at the person who you used to be and feel proud of what you have become.

All it takes is that first step. Then the rest will come to you.

Lift Heavy.

Laugh Hard.

Live Your Damn Life.


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