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Road to Nationals 2017 #22in22 (Part 3)

Here we are in the final Phase of my weight cut. We have come a long way, I have lost a decent amount of weight, but there is still more to lose and time is not on our side. I am currently miserable, hungry, and want to eat all the pasta on the planet. That being said it is time for the final push. The water cut. Luckily enough for you as well as for me, I have already written an article and made a video on the subject matter. This is short and sweet and I look forward to being done with this crap.

Oh and everywhere you see "LiftLaugh.Live" or just replace it with appreciated!

Follow This Link to get to the explanation of phase three of my weight cutting process!

Will I make it? . . . Will I fall on my face? . . . Make sure to follow along and find out! . . . Follow my Instagram @sambrownStrength for daily updates! . . #22in22 #roadtonationals . .

Sam Brown

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