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Strength of Body. Strength of Mind.

Let’s set the scene here first.  I am sitting at my desk, listening to a Josh Bryant ( seminar that he put on a few years ago on YouTube where he is talking about rest-pause and compensatory acceleration training, sipping on aminos, as I respond to an email to my coach about training this afternoon.  I said training…not working out.  I am eating an egg scramble with sausage, cheese and every single god damn yolk of these 7 god damn eggs.  Why eat that way?  Because at about 5 pm I need to balance a 280-pound axle on my chest and press it overhead for as many reps as I can do before my body fails or I pass out.  I need the calories.

See this is the norm for me.  I tend to spend my free time trying to unearth all the knowledge I can about how humans can get stronger.  I do not mean like add 20 Lbs. to your 135 bench press.  I am talking about how people break the barriers of human potential and move seemingly immovable weight. 

Though behind the physical there is the real mental strength.  The ability to shut off the demons and voices in your head that tell you that you do not have what it takes to put the time and work in to achieve your goals. 

I am obsessed with strength of all varieties and take time to learn, read, listen, ingest, process, and educate myself and others on what it means to be strong and to push the body and the mind farther than ever thought possible.  Breaking physical and mental plateaus to reach your goals.  This is the shit I love.

I train my body and mind because that is who I am and what I do.

Not for a trophy.

Not for recognition.

Not to be the smartest guy in the room. (that is never the case)

But to show people that a strong body is a healthy body. 

A strong mind is a healthy mind.

And that the combination of the two makes all the “troubles” in life seem to not matter and it helps to put into focus the important things in life that matter. 

Our Family.  Our Mind.  Our Body.

Push yourself, eat well, love your family and put yourself and them in a position that will provide you all with the most success possible.  Cut out the crap.  Trim the bullshit. 

Find what puts a fire under your ass and do it until you die.

Life is too short to be weak and scared and insecure. 

Fight for what you want and build up the world around you as you see fit. 

There is always room to learn and be educated so surround yourself with great people.  People that you can constantly learn from and develop your strengths.  Stay humble because there is always somebody bigger, stronger, smarter, and with better love making skills than you.

Nobody has enough time left on this earth to succumb to weakness.

Find your strength and sharpen your steel.

There are wolves out there looking to take what is yours.

The worst of all are in your mind.

Be strong.          

Lift Heavy.

Laugh Hard.

Live your Damn Life.

Sam Brown


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