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Hacking Personal Trainers: Finally Getting Real Results!

Over the past several years, I have worked as a personal trainer for several different gyms. Some fitting into the “Big Box” category with thousands of members and rows and rows of treadmills and machines as far as the eyes can see. I have also worked at smaller personal training studios that focus on only a few clients at a time, and only allow you to work out there if you are being trained. From big too small to everywhere in between, the fact is that I have learned quite a bit throughout my journey in the arts of Personal Training and want to share what I have learned about this secret society.

In my time training on the personal level I have seen amazing transformations of clients who have lost 10, 15, or 20 pounds who wanted to look good for a reunion or a wedding. I have also seen clients who have lost 100 pounds and have literally saved their own lives. I have even seen clients bust their asses in the gym and eat a perfect diet, and not lose a pound of weight for weeks at a time thus losing faith in themselves and the training and gain more weight and become heavier than they were when they started.

So why do some people succeed with personal trainers, while other people crash and burn?

Are the Personal Trainers Hiding something from us?

Are you just part of a larger conspiracy to keep you fat and unhealthy forever?

The answers will surprise you.

I am here to crack open and divulge all the secrets that personal trainers do not want you to know!

You are a victim and you are being played. The odds are against you and it is not your fault.

It is ENTIRELY their job to make sure you are jack in 6 weeks or less!

I have researched and uncovered THE SCRIPT you can utilize to HACK your personal trainer to get the best results in half the time!

I know that it sounds too good to be true, and if I was sitting on your side of things I would agree with you.

Though you need to believe me that I am on your side.

It’s time to fight back and get the personal trainers to do their jobs and make us skinny and jacked and ripped but not too big…but still jacked.

You see, I have utilized the last 5 years of my life to infiltrate this secretive society to get to the bottom of how results happen.

I have put in the countless hours and hundreds, if not thousands of dollars of my own money, to not only uncover the secrets they do not want us to know but truly fine tune the protocol you need to get the best results from YOUR own personal trainer. This protocol is guaranteed to give you the remarkable transformation that you deserve.

So, the only thing left to do is ask you a simple question…

Are you ready to Hack your Trainer and make them work for you?

The Super-Secret Script to Hacking Your Personal Trainer:

Personal Trainer: Good Morning Client, I created a workout for you to do, are you ready to get started?

You: Yes, I am quickly taking my head out of my ass before I train with you. I am also realizing that I am only in this gym for 1 hour a few times a week, and that I need to have self-control and eat like an adult the rest of the 23 hours of the day in order to line up with my goals that I have committed to achieving for myself. So yes, I am ready to get started.

Personal Trainer: Excellent! (High Five)

/End Scene

See what I did there?

Now you didn’t think that was serious right?

Here is some harsh truth for you. To get the body, you want, you need to do the work.

You do the workouts, you prep and eat the correct food, and you have the self-control to make the choices that lead you to the direction you desire and away from the negative decisions that lead you to where you are currently.

It is called Personal Responsibility. Try that one of for size.

Yes team. Coach Sam is feeling a little bit snarky today.

You see, this situation is one that I do not run into too often but when I do, it has the tendency to drive me up the damn wall.

Before I get too deep into this rant I want to make the point that there are indeed shitty personal trainers out there that bought some bullshit certification, and do not have any real sort of background or education on the sort of topics necessary to create real change in a client. You have a higher chance of getting hurt with these jackasses than you do hitting your goals. They do not take the necessary steps to get to know you, your goals, nor get to know and understand where you are starting from. They provide no programming or plan to get you to where you want to go, and they merely count reps, provide monotone and generic motivational sayings, and then collect your money. They make real coaches and trainers looks bad and I take personal offense to them.

Even if you find yourself with a shitty trainer, it is up to you to change the situation.

Not know if you have a shitty trainer?

Ask yourself these three questions.

1.) Before working out with you did your personal trainer take you through a thorough assessment and EXPLAIN the reasoning behind each test? (hint all assessments from big gym chains are just excuses for pushy guys in tight shirts to thrust training packages down your throat)

2.) Does your trainer put their phone away during your time together?

3.) Does your trainer present themselves professionally each time you meet and are willing to explain things to you articulately and without a hint of bullshit?

If you answered no to any of these questions, then you need to find a new trainer.

The bottom line is that there is not a single trainer, guru, or coach on the planet that can help you lose weight or get in shape if YOU are not willing to put the time, effort, and energy into the process. It is up to you to commit to the process and WANT to change your habits. To figure out where you might be in this process check out my % stages of Change article here. It will give you an idea of where you might be during the change process.

You need to take responsibility for your own damn life and take the necessary steps to find someone who is willing to give you the time of day to really grow and develop.

Stop blaming your situations and your surroundings on why you are not losing weight.

Put the effort into finding qualified and well-established gyms and coaches or trainers in your area that have not only the proven track record of success but provide you with the support you need to succeed. This varies from person to person and from gym to gym. Do not be afraid to spread your little wings birdy and try a few places.

Personal responsibility is so incredibly important when it comes to leading a successful, happy, and accomplished life. It provides you with the skills and abilities to understand where you currently are, where you want to go, and how it is you want to get there. Understanding that you are truly in control of your life and the situations you find yourself in is a freeing experience. It is amazing to wake up every single day knowing that you are in control of you. Even the times in your life when you do not feel as if you are in the driver’s seat and bad things keep happening around you, it is still your responsibility to determine how you think and react to these situations.

So, I never like to leave you without some helpful information or tips to get you going in the right direction so here you go:

The Seven Harsh Truths of Actually Losing Weight

1.) There are no shortcuts to losing weight and getting into shape. It takes effort and sacrifice of certain things for the short term in order to achieve the goals of the long term. That is just how it is.

2.) Get your head out of your ass and start realizing that you are the thing most likely standing in your own way. Having a “Bad” trainer is not making you fat. That extra piece of cake you swallowed like a duck may have something to do with it though.

3.) Eat your calories do not drink them. Water is delicious and refreshing. If that is weird to you then grow up.

4.) You do not NEED to go to a gym to get exercise. Play sports, go hiking, and ride a bike with your friends.

5.) If you do go to the gym realize that it is not a magic place where results are instant. Making sure you are consistent while using an intelligent program will expedite your results.

6.) The answers for how to maintain a healthy lifestyle or to keep weight off are not found at the extremes. Moderation is overlooked and underutilized. Eating only one thing, or one food group and demonizing another is a good way to get short lived results that do not last.

7.) When in doubt eat more veggies and move more.

So, there you have it. I know it has been a while since I wrote one of these, but I figured this was a good place to start. If you have any more questions about weight loss, training, or personal training shoot me a to the address below.

Sam Brown CSCS

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