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How to Change Your Life!

We are all used to seeing the motivational posts and articles about the “secrets” to becoming rich, losing weight, or gain a smoke show of a girlfriend/wife/husband/boyfriend. It can be a certain product for 4 payments of 19.99 that we see as we stuff our faces on the couch (still my favorite pastime) Or it can be a supplement that gives steroid like results without the testicular shrinkage ( They lie…they still shrink). Either way, the fact of the matter is that there is a massive business around the art of changing our lives, or at least trying to convince the masses that one single product, cream, drink, or pump (don’t ask)is the one thing standing in the way of our complete happiness. Though, in the real world, I know that you are all smart enough to understand that there is no such thing as a miracle product. Believe me, I have several Magic Bullets and Slap-chops rotting in my closet that prove I am guilty of believing it. So what is there to do? How does your large ass lose the extra weight , your broke ass make more money, or your awkward ass get that date? (Still looking for help on this one) The answer is simple. Take the first step. That’s right, right in this very moment…well after you finish reading this ( and checking out my instagram or Facebook links below) I want you to take the first step to becoming the person you want to be. Taking that first step is the hardest step you will take, that is why so many people stay in the same rut they find themselves in day in and day out. Fear holds us all in the positions that we dislike. We are afraid to fail, afraid to look stupid, and afraid to be thought of as inferior or that we wasted our time. I understand that fear, I have been dealing with it as well along my weight loss journey. It is a real son of a bitch to be in a position to want to change, but being scared to make the next move, or even worse, being too scared to move at all. Don’t know exactly what the first step should be? Who gives a shit. Take a step in any direction, and you will find that you are in a different place than where you were. I have zero idea what insane and incoherent feces I will be sprouting out of my mouth next but I know if I keep banging around on this keyboard, something will make sense. When you are looking for a change or to take control of your life, you cannot wait around for the perfect moment or situation, because it will never come. You will never have the exact situation you are looking for, it just doesn’t work like that. You need start in a direction, start with a rough idea, and work it out as you go. You will learn what you need to learn along the way. This is especially true when it comes to losing weight. See whatever if it is you are doing now is not working, so that means that no matter how small of an improvement that you make right now, you will see results. Going to the gym a few times a week, walking for 30 minutes every day, hell even eating 2 Big Macs instead of 3 will help you. It is about being a little bit better every single day. Do more today than you did yesterday, and do more tomorrow than you did today. Being consistent is the best possible advice I can give you. Oh before I go I have to mention that you WILL fail. You will hit a couple snags or speed bumps along the way that will throw you off for a while. You will cheat on your diet, you will screwup a pickup line, or you will forget to pay a bill. Shit happens. To everyone. Just realize that you are human, you made a mistake, and learn from it. Do not let a single event ruin what you have been working for. Perfection is overrated and it is the times that we screw up and failed that usually lead to the best stories, and let’s be real here, life is all about having awesome stories to tell.

LiftHeavy. LaughHard. LiveyourdamnLife. Sam

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