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Lifting. Laughing. Living. The Start of a New Chapter.

Oh Hi There =)

This is exactly where you want to be right now. I know the type of person that you are. You are the type that is looking to get the most out of life? Maybe working on your fitness goals and eating better? All while still trying to not lose sight of the humor in it all? Well aren't you glad that you found this hidden gem on the internet. Oh..I am sorry...I know so much about you, and I have yet to introduce myself. My name is Sam. I am the owner and creative genius behind the LiftLaughLive universe and the fantastically attractive person you see in all...four....of my videos. I am a standup comic and writer who enjoys creating videos, performing, and writing things that make people laugh.

What is the purpose of this whole thing? Well I have found a certain area of the internet lacking when it comes to content. You see, there are plenty of youtubers and bloggers out there that talk about fitness and nutrition, and there are even more Youtubers and bloggers out there that go for the humorous approach, but there is a genuine lack of content creators that can blend the two. That is where I come along. I am trying to showcase the lighter and more fun side of this whole Youtube fitness and nutrition craze. I believe that in order to be happy and healthy you do not need to be so obsessed with any single thing, but rather if you simply try to make better choices every day, you will see results that will make you happy.

I do need to put some form of a warning here for my first time viewers or readers. I am not perfect in any single way, nor do I try to be. I am a real person, just like you, who merely has put WAYYYY too much money into cameras and computers in order to chase his dream of making people laugh for a living one day. I am vulgar at times, I swear like a sailor, and I LOVE cheating on my diet whenever I can. ( I am doing it right now.) but at the end of the day I believe that is why you can feel comfortable in seeing that if something works for my lazy ass, then it can most defintely work for you.

I think that is a good for the first post. I will try to get a few posts a week to give you more of an insight of who I am and what I am doing. Along with the blog, I will be putting up videos of my workouts, my standup sets, and anything else I want to share.

As Always




Signing off,



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