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Moderate your Moderation: Eat Too Much, Drink Too Much, and Have Too Much Fun

Everyone wants to look better and feel better in their lives. That one is a given. We all WANT to stick to our diets, we all WANT to lose those extra pounds, and we all WANT to look good in our old high school bikini ( that last one could just be me). The road to a healthier and happier you does indeed take dedication, hard work, and moderation of certain things in life. Certain things like drinking, eating certain foods, and oh yeah…moderation itself.

“You mean to say I need to moderate my moderation?:

Yes. You do.

Take it from me, the road on my own personal weight loss journey was a tough one. I lost about 45 pounds at the time, and it flipped my life around for the better. I am in the best shape of my life, and couldn't be happier, but you know what else makes me happy? Eating delicious food and drinking booze with friends. Lots of food, and lots of booze to be exact.

Sushi Cheat meal...still had room for dessert.

See the “Tupperware” life is great and all, counting your macros, knowing exactly what you will be eating, in what amount, and when provides you with the best results when it comes to losing weight, and getting stronger. But life isn't all about grinding out reps in the gym, and sauteing bland-ass chicken breast in Pam for 19th week in a row. This sort of dedication and commitment to your goals is certainly needed, but can also drive you crazy. If you find yourself hating what you are doing give yourself a break and live your damn life. Screw up your diet, try delicious food, and share a few drinks with friends. You see balance is the key to enjoying your life. Being a health freak is ironically not healthy. Nobody wants to hangout with the guy or girl who is “not eating carbs” or is commenting about “just how much fat is in that thing you ordered”. Put your MyFitnessPal down, eat the burger AND the bun, and enjoy your self.

There are training days, off days, and "get drunk in the grass" days.

Again, this is me not telling you to get drunk and stuff your fat face all the time. I am talking about taking breaks from your diet on occasion, enjoying the ever-loving-piss out of your life, then getting back on to whatever program or diet plan you are following. The memories you will make, and the fun you will have breaking your diet, will make up for the guilt and self-loathing you think you will feel. Just wanted to get this quick one out today. Have yourself a cheat day…you deserve it.

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