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New England Carnage: Taking the Fight Off the Field

Paintball to most people is played in the woods, at bachelor parties, and with old rental guns that may in fact be older than the person using it. Little do people know that there is a competitive side of paintball. The side that requires you to not only practice strategy every week, but perform the same level of physical training (sometimes more) than most competitive mainstream sports. That being said, not many teams are willing to make the commitment to the physical end of things, and suffer from a future of mediocrity in the sport. If you want to win, you need to bring the best package to the tournament, both on and off the field. There are so many things that need to fall in line during a paintball event, or a paintball season, in order to win. You need to make sure your team knows the plans, knows the breakouts, and knows what their jobs are on the field. You need to make sure everyone gets to the event (Plane tickets, Carpool, Etc.), you need to make sure everyone is registered, has their gear, and its working correctly. That being said, it would be a real disappointing moment to work so hard at everything thing else, and to fail to win at the last second of a tournament because you are out of breath or sore. Things that can be fixed if you spent a little time each week preparing your body.

One team that decided to take their game to the next level. New England Carnage is a Divisional Paintball team competing in the New England Paintball League. They are a new team that is looking to make a big impact and move their way up the divisional ladder. New England has quite a few tough teams, but they know that being better athletes off the field, leads to greater success on the field.

So what sort of training do paintball players need? Well they need endurance, both cardiovascular and muscular, as well as explosive speed and movement in order to make the quick moves and stay injury free. The core plays a huge role in paintball, as well as every facet in life, and needs to be strong and able to stay strong in every position. Legs need to be rock solid, and able to be engaged and ready to fire in any direction, and to really dig and drive as you sprint down the field. See it’s a simple game really, the faster you get down the field, the least winded and tired you are when you get there, the greater advantage you have over the other team. Like Kevin Durant said, “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. The men of New England Carnage know that all too well and are ready to do what is necessary to bring their game to the next level.

I look forward to working closely with this team both on and off the field. I have spent about 10-12 years playing tournament paintball, and have traveled across the United States to do so. I am amazingly excited to bring two of my passions together and share my knowledge of the game, as well as my knowledge of training to help this team reach their goals.

“After seeing and following LiftLaughLive, we became inspired by Sam’s unique approach to fitness and personalized workouts. We knew that he would be a great fit for our team and help us perform better on and off the field. We are very excited and look forward to working with Sam and seeing some real results”

-Ben Nelson


New England Carnage

Hope you guys have a great day.

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