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Respect your Journey

Like it or not your journey is your own. We all have people in our lives who may be there to help us along the way or tell us that we will never make it. In the grand scheme of things neither side of the fence matters. We cannot use the words and feelings of the supporters to do the work for us, nor can we capitalize on the negativity and spite of the non-believers to fuel us along the way for long. We must be able to take each step, each day, and each moment in time as it comes. All by ourselves.

Your journey is your story. Each moment is specialized and personalized for you. There is no journey that is ever the same as another and no journey that will ever be exactly like yours. Own it and realize that you are the captain of your own vessel when it comes to who you are and what you become.

Feel each hill and valley, each up and down, the good and the bad. Open your heart and mind to the power that is your experiences. Let yourself feel sad when it hurts or when you fail but do not let it overtake you because tomorrow is a new day and a new step on your path. Likewise for the happy moments. You must enjoy and relish in them to the deepest of your abilities but do not halt your efforts to become better because as soon as you blink, that moment has passed.

Understand that although we are seeking change and yearning for the destination we seek, it is the journey that builds us and shapes us into who we are. It is the path, not the destination that leads us to the greatest successes in life and you need to respect where you are, where you came from, and where you are headed.

Respect your journey because it is yours. Nobody else will be lucky enough to feel as you are feeling right now, on this path, on this day. Good, bad, or indifferent. Through all the wins and the losses. Through the joy, sadness, bliss, heartache, and triumph. Remember that this journey is yours and yours alone. Respect it and let it lead you to the joy and happiness you are seeking.

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