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Respect your Potential!

You have no idea what you are made of. All you see in front of your face is hard work and time. Time spent doing things that are hard, difficult, and exhausting. The type of work that keeps most normal people pinned between their sheets in the morning, afraid to take on the day, and afraid of what they need to do.

You have the choice to lay in your bed and choose the road of comfort and live your life blissfully unaware of how great you could become or you could choose to sacrifice immediate comfort for the brighter tomorrow. A future that you create. A future where you are in control. A future that is yours.

You see it will not be easy and it will not be fun. Each day you will have to drag your ass out of bed and do a full day of things that you find difficult, all for the HOPE of POSSIBLY becoming the person you want to be. That’s right. You might fail. In fact, the odds are stacked against you due to your lack of experience and knowledge but if the world always performed how the odds say then we would have no reason to be the underdog. We would have no reason to try to be better. We would be stuck in our place, doing our thing, day in and day out.

See you have potential. Nobody around you may see it but you know it’s there. Burning inside of you waiting for a chance to erupt out of you like a hell fire. Engulfing the old version of you and transforming it into what your potential has in store for you.

You must respect your potential. You must respect the obligation to yourself to become better every day. You need to understand that that small spark inside of you, that small idea you have for a business, or that urge to learn and stimulate your mind with education, that is your potential. It might not be a larger than a burning match, but as you stoke that potential through hard work, dedication, and effort, you will see that fire grow. Burning stronger and hotter inside of you guiding you throughout your life, until one day you are engulfed and emerge the person you want to be.

So next time you fail at your goals and want to give up. Respect your potential. During our darkest hours and our most trying times, our potential is there to remind us that we are better and we have more to give. It is the light that shines for us when we lose our way. It is the fire that warms our hearts and minds when the world is pushing on us with all of its cold and immense negativity.

Respect your potential because sometimes that is all we have.

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