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The "Do Anywhere" Leg Workout

Let’s be real here, the best thing about leg day is well…being done with leg day. Training legs is difficult and it hurts, but it is a necessity to building a stronger body and mind. Nothing gets you mentally tougher than a hard leg workout. That being said, the majority of ways to train legs have to do with big squat racks, machines, and lots of weights. This involves you stopping what you are doing, driving to the gym, and taking up hours of your day. Not always a possibility when it comes to having a life. That being said, I have thrown together a simple and quick, leg work out that you can do literally anywhere. It requires no equipment in its purest form, and can be fully customized to fit your athletic level, or fitness goals. That is the best part about writing up these type of programs, they can be tweaked and manipulated for anyone because they focus on a few very simple movements. Feel free to try the base workout, add weight, add reps, change rest times, whatever you have to do to get the best workout for you. I am giving you the blank canvas, use whatever colors on your pallet to create the work of art you are envisioning (I am one artsy SOB).

So that is all for me, give this work out a try and let me know in the comments what you thought or how you made it fit your goals!

1A. 10 Squats

Beginner: Bodyweight

Advanced: Hold Dumbbell or Kettlebell in hands (goblet squat)/Increase Reps

1B. 10 Split Squat each leg (20 total)

Beginner: Bodyweight

Advanced: Add Dumbbells or Kettlebells in each hand/Increase Reps

1C. 30 Second Wall sit (Knees at 90 Degrees/ Butt Parallel to ground)

Beginner: Bodyweight

Advanced: Add Dumbbells or Kettlebells in each hand/ Increase time

Complete Each Exercise once before you rest.

REST 60-90 Seconds


As Always,




Sam (

Certified Underground Strength Coach




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