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Top 3 Tips to Rejuvenate a Stale Workout! Put some Life in your Lifts!

So we have all been in situations when our normal workout routine simply isn't working anymore or we are so bored from it that we can barely make ourselves go to the gym. I have recently been working on new and different workout parameters myself.The following three tips have helped me to overcome that stale feeling and inject some life back into my lifts and even get stronger than I would have been.

1.) Take your normal reps and sets and forget them.

We all get sucked into thinking we only get stronger with low reps and heavy weight, or we can only get shredded with lighter weight and high reps. That idea is bullshit. We get stronger from raising up our weaknesses, whether that is increasing muscle size via hypertrophic work ( bigger muscle=stronger muscle) or increasing our CNS capacity with heavy loads, the goal remains the same. Make the thing we suck at the most, the thing we suck at the least. This means that we need to occasionally switch our shit up and turn our workout on its head. For example, if you are usually training doing heavy doubles or triples, switch and do high reps, or if you do more of the bodybuilding ranges, then slap some man-weight on the bar and start grunting. You can do this type of switch for a few weeks and you will notice that you have not only NOT lost any "gainz" but rather may have actually gotten stronger or more comfortable with your current lifts, which then leads to more confidence, which leads to more women and money in your life. Its a fool-proof plan really.

2.) Set up new goals or challenges

It is very easy to get into a routine or a comfortable rut training alone or even with your trusted "gym-bro". The best way I have found to break that boring cycle is to set up a challenge or a goal for yourself and your partner if you have one. Great examples of this can be if you are both relatively the same strength level. You can have a "race" to a 300 pound Bench or a 400 pound squat. Whatever it is that you are both right on the cusp of achieving. What this does is that it sets up a new goal for your time in the gym, and lights a fire under your ass as well as your gym buddies ass. I am not a gambling man, but nothing tastes sweeter than breaking a PR and taking a long swig of a beer that your buddy had to buy for you because he lost.

Another example of a challenge you can do if you are NOT the same in terms of strength or conditioning is to set up a weekly or daily circuit (yes kind of like a WOD in crossfit) that you both have to complete at the end of your normal workout. Make sure that the weights are appropriate and equal in terms of exertion and effort level. To make it even more interesting make the loser have to buy the Protein shakes at the end of the workout. Or snacks...or booze...whatever completes your post-workout nutrition.

3.) Switch up the Scenery!

Maybe the reason your workout is feeling stale is because you have been going to the same gym for as long as you can remember. Switch up the backdrop and find somewhere fresh. This is especially true if you go to a massive "GloboGym" like LA Fitness or Anytime Fitness. They offer you the opportunity to visit other locations which may be just enough for you to get re-motivated. I personally switched gyms a few times based solely on the lack of women in the gym. As you can see my priorities are nicely in check. The other option is that you can simply try out 1 week free memberships to a new gym. Anytime Fitness, LA Fitness, and 24 Hour Fitness all extend such offers with zero commitment. Just simply try the gym, and at the end of the time you can merely walk away. It sounds dirty when you say it like that.

So there you have it. My top three ways to put some life back into your lifts. I look forward to making more content for you in the future and as always, lift heavy, laugh hard, and live your damn life!



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