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Pursue Passion

Passion is hard to come by for most people. It may shine in the back of our minds just bright enough to think about, but never enough to take control of our present actions or thoughts. It comes to us in a passing day dream that gets whisked away at the first sign of the big ugly head of “reality”. For most of us, it lies dormant our entire lives, never being actualized in who we are or what we do. The responsibility of paying bills or working that job takes full precedence over our passions and dreams. Passion does not help us survive. Though without it, we do not live.

Passion is the key to living. The key to taking full advantage of your life and owning it. The key to waking up early, going to bed late, or not sleeping at all because you need to get the ideas out of your head or you will explode. Passion is what gives us the energy to succeed even though we see only failure. Passion is what makes us defy the odds and become what we truly believe we can be. It picks us up, dusts us off, and gets you ready to take the hits over, and over, and over again.

As I sit here on this computer in complete silence, only hearing the ticking of the clock and the precise tapping of the keys on the keyboard, I lose all sense of my surroundings. I do not care what time it is because I let my passion drive me.

I know I am tired but my passion does not need to sleep.

I know that I could write this in the morning but my passion is ready now.

I am merely a passenger on this ride and I sit quietly like a child in the back seat waiting to see the amazing destination I will be driven to.

I let myself just experience this rush of activity. I know that at the end of the day nobody may actually read what I write. Nobody may actually hear the message I am putting out there and that does not matter. What matters to me is I am practicing the art of pursuing my passion fearlessly.

Free from the fear of rejection and self-doubt. Free from feeling like I am not good enough to write articles. Free from the constraints of my own “realistic” brain.

You are your biggest enemy when it comes to following and fulfilling your own dreams and passions. The negative self-talk and self-deprecating thoughts are toxic to living your life.

I said YOUR life.

Not your parent’s life.

Not your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband’s life.

Your life.

You are the master of your own domain and have the God-given right and duty to yourself to pursue your passions. Dying without experiencing or examining your passions is something that will eat you alive when your final days are within sight. You never know what you can do, create, build, and imagine. Do not like them go to waste.

So what will you do today?

What will you accomplish?

What will you start?

What will you allow yourself to do?

Take time out of your day. Whether it is an hour, 30 minutes, or as little as 5 minutes and let your passions take over. Take the trip and let them guide you to what you want to do.

Pursue your passions and let them engulf your body and mind. Be completely open to it and do not rest until you find it.

Break free from self-doubt and start spreading your passion to the world.

You never know who is listening.

Lift Heavy

Laugh Hard

Live your Damn Life

Sam Brown

Certified Personal Trainer

Underground Strength Coach



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